Yosemite Sunset House -- House Rental Policies and Cancellation Policy


Please read and familiarize yourself with these policies - by renting our house you are agreeing to comply with them!


The Yosemite Sunset House is a smoke-free environment ... NO PETS ... and no "party animals" (not a "party house").
Due to very high fire hazard and safety reasons, smoking is not
allowed anywhere on the property.
No candle or incense burning and no wood fires anywhere on the property.


*Holiday rates apply to dates that include the actual holiday plus adjoining weekends for Thanksgiving, the weeks of Christmas and New Years, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, and Easter period.


The Sunset House unit:
- Bedroom #1 = one queen size bed -- (all mattresses are medium firm comfort level, Euro Top style)
- Bedroom #2 = one queen size bed plus one
twin size bed

The Red Door aptartment unit:
- Bedroom = one queen size bed -- (new mattress is medium firm comfort level, Euro Top style)
- Living Room = additional sleeping possible: sleeper-sofa for a small child, an inflatable AERO bed for toddlers or a firm foam *Trifold Hide-A-Mat* that opens onto the floor providing extra sleeping surface


* By providing owners your Credit Card information or otherwise completing a reservation, you agree to all cancellation terms and conditions and authorize owners to debit your credit card for all applicable charges when due.
* If canceled before 60 days of arrival - the cancellation fee will be $50 administration charge plus any bank, credit card or PayPal fees incurred.

* If canceled between 30 and 60 days of arrival - full refund will be given only if re-rented for the same period and same rate, less $50 cancellation fee.
* No refunds for cancellation with less than 30 days notice.
* If re-renting is only partial, your refund will be prorated in the same proportion less cancellation fee as described above.
* NO REFUND for reduction in number of guests or number of nights after reservation has been accepted by owners.
* There is no refund for events beyond our control: weather and road conditions, flight cancellations or delays, personal emergencies, change in vacation plans, etc.  
* Prorated refund will be given for: county road closures longer than 12 hours if this completely eliminates access to the property; electric power or water shut down or plumbing not working for longer than 24 hrs.
* No refunds after check-in for any reason (except for situation described on line above).
* Changing dates: once a reservation has been accepted, if guests wish to change their already booked dates and there are mutually agreable available dates, they may do so only once and at the discretion of the property owner/manager and without a reduction of nights or number of guests; the re-scheduling must be made at least 45 days prior to arrival date and there is no fee for this service.
* Refund checks will be mailed within 10 working days, and only to the address on file.
* Refunds of any payments made via a credit card or PayPal will incur a 5% refund administration fee.
* Purchasing TRAVEL INSURANCE is strongly recommended to all renters to minimize financial loss due to unforeseeable events.
* Failed Reservation/unit unavailable: in the extremely rare and unexpected event that the unit reserved becomes unavailable for rental, owners are obligated to return only moneys renters already paid; renters agree to hold owners harmless from and against any claims, liability, losses, and expenses in connection with a failed reservation.


* Check-In time in SUMMER: after 5 pm (and before 9pm)
* Check-In time (except summer): after 4 pm (and before 9pm)

* Check-Out time: by 11 am SHARP!!!
* Late Check-Out:
We must start the housekeeping chores at 11 am -- non-compliance is subject to a fee. If there is a booking coming in that afternoon, which generally is the case in the summer months, we will charge $50 for leaving up to one hour late; $100/hr for leaving more than one hour late. Late check-outs create huge difficulties for our cleaners and for our guests who follow your booking. Cleaners are instructed to enter the unit at 11 am to start cleaning whether the unit has been vacated or not. Your belongings will be removed from the unit and we are not responsible for safely storing them after the agreed check out time of 11 am. In the event of a delay due to an emergency guests are responsible for communicating with the owner or housekeeping crew by telephone and to arrange for removal of guests' belongings.

* Purchasing Off-Season Late Check outs: Late check-outs at 12:00 pm are occassionally possible October 25 though April 15 for a fee equal to 15% of one night's rent. You will need to call the office the day before departure to make this arrangement since a last minute booking for your check-out day will preclude a late check out.

* Mariposa County occupancy tax plus tourism fee is additional to the posted rates: 11%.
* Reservations for longer stays will have higher priority.
* Priority is given to Fridays and Saturdays being rented together.
* For Road and Weather conditions: call 209-372-0200.
* Snow chains in your car: required by the park from Nov. through April.
* Guests' vehicles can not be parked on the street. No RVs, motorcycles, campers, or camping!
* QUIET HOURS at this property and in this community are: 10 pm to 7 am. After 10pm the living room, kitchen, and deck areas must be kept totally quiet.
* Telephone in units: one land line is available for local calls only (calls to owner's contact numbers are also free) -- an extension of the same phone number is located in the Red Door apt. -- bring your calling card for long distance calls.


* The security deposit is due at reservation time. For a party of 2 guests in the Red Door apt. and 4 guests in the Sunset House unit, when all guests are family members, we'll use your credit card authorization in lieu of a paid-in-advance deposit.
* Balance of the refundable deposit will be returned to renter within 15 days via a personal check mailed to guest's address on file with us.
* We do not, of course, charge for normal "wear and tear". If you break or stain something, please, tell us (and clean it up!) ... so that we can clean, fix or replace items during your stay and hopefully, before our next guests arrive.


* Always check for Hwy 120 status when planning to cross from the Eastern Sierras into Yosemite; this road is closed during snow season, some years opening as late as July.
* TIRE CHAINS: During the winter months and the adjacent months (on average starting in Nov. through April and occasionally May), tire chains can become mandatory at any time during a snow storm or when park rangers deem it necessary.
* All drivers of vehicles entering the park during stormy winter forecast periods can be asked by the park gatekeepers to show that they have the tire chains in their car.
* Please be aware that few, if any, car rental companies include chains in their rentals and some won't allow your own tire chains to be installed on their vehicles.
* General information describing travellers' personal experiences with these issues can be found by searching the internet.
* You already read our cancellation policy -- please review this policy before signing the 2 reservation forms.
* During winter storms guests may have to rely solely on themselves to perform customary winter chores and necessary snow clearing; this property doesn't offer 24/7 snow clearing.

* We strongly recommend the use of a 4-wheel drive vehicle during the winter season.
* Travel insurance is recommended and it can help cover costs lost due to weather, along with such issues as medical emergency or personal issues.

Drought Conditions Policy:

*During a California drought year, the policy may include such restrictions as limiting water use, laundry and BBQ use restricted or totally off limits, etc. - this policy may vary and changes to this policy may depend on the drought conditions - please inquire.


*There is no public garbage pick up system in this neighborhood. On your departure day, the garbage will be removed by the housekeeping crew. Guests can request garbage removal during their stay; this will be accomplished by the housekeeping crew during work hours, therefore this possibly involves entering the unit while you are not there. We suggest disposing of smaller amounts of daily garbage during your stay in our locked dumpster, located in our neighborhood, less than a mile from our property; disposing of garbage in this manner helps avoid attracting bears; plastic garbage bags are provided.

DON'T BE FINED: Leaving any garbage anywhere in the neighborhood is prohibited by county regulations; a fine of up to $1000 can be assessed by the county!
*Ecological issues concerns us all: significantly limiting the amount of waste you produce is a necessity; unfortunately there is no public recycling in our area.
*Bears & Coyotes - keep them wild:
leaving any trash and food residues on decks, around the property or anywhere else in the neighborhood is prohibited and it is a punishable county offense (fines may be assessed).
*Important *BEAR* Liability Note: if guests leave trash, food, or scented items in vehicle(s) or outside the house, leave a soiled BBQ grill or during local bear season, leave unattended open or unlatched windows or doors AND this attracts bears, all damage incurred will be considered Guests' fault and Guests will be liable for any and all damage, in its entirety. Bears lived here before us, humans -- this is bear territory -- stay safe and keep them wild!


You agree to clean up after yourselves and to leave the property in the same condition it was in when you arrived. Property will be inspected after check-out.
Neglectful use will result in charges against your deposit or to your credit card. The bottom line is: If you don't want to keep the unit clean while on vacation (... and who could blame you ?!?!?) - this house is not a good match for you or you can ask for extra maid service at reservation time, for an additional fee; this service may or may not be available on your dates!

You are responsible for everyday cleaning chores such as washing your dishes and BBQ grills, cleaning up any spills immediatelly after they occurred, sorting and putting away puzzle pieces you used, use the toilet(s) with common sense to prevent a clogged toilet, etc. In preparation for your arrival we do many chores that you can't see but that make your stay more comfortable: thourough sanitation of kitchen and bathrooms, clean linen, vacuuming, upkeep maintenance, preventive maintenance, re-stocking supplies, deck furniture maintenance, yard clean up, and so much more!


*Damages & Loss - accidental or not: Property will be inspected at time of check out. Neglectful use will result in additional charges or prosecution. We will charge you the cost of repairs or replacement of any item(s) that is found damaged beyond normal wear or lost by your party, including shipping, mailing, and all labor and overtime required.

*Lost Key: A $25.00 fee will be charged for each lost or unreturned key.

*Linen: one set of towels and sheets for the first 4 nights; if you are staying longer, please wash your own towels and linen set or you can request maid service -- please do not use extra linen located in the linen closets - this stock of extra linen is there, clean and ready, to be used by housekeeping to setup the unit for the next guests arriving after you. Your cleaning fee includes the laundering of one set of sheets per bed and one set of towels per person.

*Washer & dryer are for housekeeping use only and are available for renters free of charge, only when staying 4 nights or longer; a $35 fee will be charged to you in the event of your non-compliance.

*Cleaning Service: You can request maid service at reservation time (only when the service is available): hourly fee $45

*Parking: the Sunset House has 2 parking spaces and the Red Door apt. has one -- parking extra vehicles in the street is prohibited by the county and your car may be towed.

*When renting both units, do not remove items from each unit: you must leave all items in the units you found them - here is one example: taking a cork screw from one unit to be used in the other unit and then *forgetting* to return it to its original place will result in much agravation for future guests - please cooperate to keep both units well stocked at all times and for all guests - thank you.

*Personal items left behind: we cannot return items you forgot to take with you when departing. Occasionally, and only occasionally, as a special service to you, our housekeeping crew may be able to mail small items. This may take extra time and if this service is available, the cost shall be determined after the mailing process.

CALL US WITH ANY QUESTIONS: (831) 624-2066 - we want you to have a great time in Yosemite, be comfortable at our house and come back often - we hope the above policies will help everyone involved in the process.

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